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Israel’s PM Netanyahu released a video Sunday 10 June 2018 in which he made an "unprecedented offer" to the Iranian people to help solve Iran's water crisis by creating a Farsi website with detailed plans on Israeli water conservation technologies and strategies. "The Iranian people are victims of a cruel and tyrannical regime that denies them vital water," Netanyahu stated. "Israel stands with the people of Iran, and that is why I want to help save countless Iranian lives." He noted that "Iran's meteorological organization says that nearly 96% of Iran suffers from some level of drought" and that Iran’s Environmental Minister had warned that "50 million Iranians could be forced out of their homes due to environmental damage. Millions of Iranian children are suffering due to mismanagement and incompetence, and the theft of vital resources by the Iranian regime." Netanyahu said that Israel's experience in dealing with its own water challenges puts the Jewish State in a good position to help Iran overcome its water crisis. "Israel has the know-how to prevent environmental catastrophe in Iran," he said. "I want to share this information with the people of Iran. Sadly, Iran bans Israelis from visiting, so we'll have to get creative," the Prime Minister said. He announced that the Israeli government would launch "a Farsi website with detailed plans on how Iranians can recycle their waste water." "We will show how Iranian farmers can save their crops and feed their families.” (Arutz-7) Pray for the people of Iran to receive aid and instruction in practical ways to ward off the water crisis it is facing - along with other areas of daily survival. Intercede that the brave and fast growing underground church in Iran will be protected, nurtured, increased and provide much hope to others.

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