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You may have already heard of our successful efforts in bringing the Jewish people home to Israel according to Isaiah 49:22. Yet for many of these new immigrants, adjusting to Israeli culture is extremely difficult, especially if they are coming from impoverished and developing countries.

For example, approximately 100,000 Jewish Ethiopian immigrants currently live in Israel. Of these, 72% are living below the poverty line, having arrived in Israel with meager possessions and no education. And 40% of these immigrants are children with tremendous potential.

These children are Israel’s future.

C4i is also directing its energies toward helping the new immigrants of Israel, including after-school programs for children, in which they are educated, fed, and aided as they transition into Israeli culture.

By investing in these new immigrants, you are investing in Israel’s future! Please join our campaign to welcome home the scattered of Israel. Help us make them fully at home in Israel by clicking here.


Thank you for feeding hungry children

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C4i distributes hot, nourishing lunches to poverty-stricken children. Each day, hot meals are delivered to these needy children – satisfying their hunger, preserving their health, and restoring their smiles. Thus, these underprivileged children are guaranteed at least one nutritious meal a day to

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