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ISRAEL: A Journey of Light - DVD set


Product Description

Product Description:
Imagine a world without the spiritual heritage of Moses and Jesus, the scientific mind of Albert Einstein or the invention of the modern cell phone. Through this 6 part DVD series you will discover how Israel has influenced the world as a light to the nations and how Jewish ingenuity and innovation in the 20th and 21st centuries have contributed to the well-being of humanity in direct fulfillment of God’s ancient promise to Abraham.

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“The story of Israel is inspiring, complicated, uplifting, complex and emotional… and too often misrepresented and misunderstood. Israel: A Journey of Light is an amazing exploration of the real Israel – society, culture, history, politics, everything! – which helps to bring that reality to life in a moving and fascinating way. If you can find a better, more thorough film presenting the history of the Jewish people, their connection with the Land of Israel, the founding of the modern state of Israel and its continued flourishing – tell me, as I haven’t seen one.” - Aryeh Green – Director, Media Central, Jerusalem

“Viewing Israel: A Journey of Light is like visiting the Holy Land in person. In fact – it’s better, because no tour guide I’ve known can furnish the kind of information, insight and pictorial beauty of this series. I recommend it for everyone who loves Israel and our God.” - Pat Boone – Singer/Lyracist

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