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C4i update: July 2021:  

Israel Today:  Israel has a new Prime Minister and leader. Naftali Bennett now captains the good ship Israel, effectively ending Bibi Netanyahu's 12-year tenure. The fact that Bibi survived so long on the stormy seas of Israeli politics is an admirable feat. But Naftali Bennett will need fair winds and calm seas, at least in the near term, as he governs an 8-party coalition with opposing views and competing ideologies, some religious, some secular. Multi-party cabinets have a dubious history in Israel – most don't last for long!

Bennett also assumes command in the wake of several days of intense conflict and rocket barrages that forced most Israelis into bomb shelters or safe rooms in their homes. The fact that an uneasy ceasefire is in place hasn't stopped Gazans from sending incendiary balloons into Israel or Israel from responding with new bombing sorties over Gaza. So Bennett will need the Wisdom of Solomon to govern under a myriad of challenges. 

The Gaza Strip: the cauldron of conflict:  The most recent conflict between Israel and Hamas operatives in Gaza (May 10-21) demonstrated once and again that Gaza is a festering sore that refuses to heal – a problem that defies a solution. I have often thought about how Gazans are missing a glorious opportunity to improve their standard of living. With the Mediterranean Sea on their doorstep and miles and miles of beautiful white sand beaches at their disposal, peace with Israel could bring great prosperity. Imagine a coastline dotted with hotels and thousands of foreign tourists arriving daily to soak up the Gazan sun and taste Palestinian cuisine. 

But this vision of a better future seems lost on the residents of Gaza. In August 2005, Israel unilaterally closed all Jewish communities in Gaza and forced the withdrawal of some 9000 citizens. Hamas, a terrorist entity, was subsequently elected to govern Gaza, and it wasn't long before rockets were raining down on Israeli border communities. These rocket barrages have continued almost daily since then, with hardly a mention in the Western media. During the most recent conflict, the media emphasis was on the poor Palestinians suffering under incessant Israeli Air Force bombings. And, of course, there was an outcry when Israel dared to bomb a building shared by Al Jazeera and the A.P. (Associated Press). Never mind that Hamas was using the same building as a cover for their anti-Israel operations.

How can Israelis hope for peace with the Palestinians when Hamas carefully orchestrates regular conflicts for worldwide propaganda purposes? Hamas is also winning this propaganda war since the unwise have no discernment, readily empathize with the Palestinians, and have deep-seated disgust for the Jews!

Prophetic Perspective:  I believe we have entered the Last Days. World events are unfolding as if on prophetic cue. For example, we are currently going through a COVID pandemic or "pestilence," as Jesus prophesied (Matthew 24:7). In addition, unprecedented locust swarms continue to ravage crops across the Middle East, Africa, and India. 

Jesus gave these prophetic warnings nearly 2000 years ago; we are witnessing their fulfillment in real-time today. The gospel writer, Luke, described our troubled times this way: "… and on the earth distress of nations, with perplexity, the sea, and the waves roaring; men's hearts failing them from fear and the expectation of those things which are coming on the earth for the powers of heaven will be shaken" (Luke 21:25, 26). 

Over the past two years, China has been experiencing rains and floods of biblical proportions. The U.S. mid-west and south-west continue to suffer under severe and worsening drought conditions resulting in inevitable livestock and crop losses that will negatively impact the food supply chain. But then,  widespread disease and famines have always been part of the prophetic equation anyway!

Israel: The Prophetic Connection:  The Prophetic Connection is now airing on three global television platforms via TCT, Daystar USA, and Inspiration TV.  TPC is available in more than 250 nations and seen by millions of viewers weekly. Thankfully, God is blessing C4i's efforts as we do our best to faithfully declare His TRUTH about Israel to the nations in these last days before Christ returns.

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