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ISRAEL: A Journey Through Time - DVD set


Product Description

Product Description:
With this DVD set, you can join host, Rev. Dr. John Tweedie in the Holy Land as he opens his Bible to explore Israel – past, present and prophetic. Through vivid imagery of her Land and people, you will see Israel and the Jewish people as you have never seen them before. Filmed entirely in Israel, this 6 unit DVD series offers an unforgettable Christian perspective of Israel, from Abraham to Armageddon. You will also enjoy the complimentary Bible Study that accompanies this teaching. Winner of The Aurora Award

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“My wife and I just viewed “Israel, A Journey Through Time” in its entirety, in one sitting! It was that captivating and informative and factual. Beyond that, it’s urgent, we believe, that all Christians come to a deeper understanding of our Jewish roots and heritage and our link to the destiny of Israel. The Apostle Paul says we Christians are “grafted into” the original tree and roots of His dealings with man in relationship — and too many Christians don’t even know what we’ve been grafted into. It’s high time we found out, and this series is a graduate course!” - Pat Boone – Singer/Lyracist

“An intriguing journey into Israel’s remarkable history from Abraham to the present. An excellent and revealing series. Highly recommended!” - Steve Greisen / President, Exploration Films

“I have had the privilege of exploring the nation of Israel numerous times, and with each visit I discover more about the land, its history and its people. I realized there was so much more to learn as I viewed the DVD series, “Israel – A Journey Through Time”, produced by Christians For Israel, Canada. John Tweedie helps us understand the events that are taking place in the Middle East and Israel’s place in God’s eternal plan for mankind. This series, produced entirely in the land of the Bible, is the best I have seen and is a powerful revelation of Jesus from creation to the present. I highly recommend it to every believer.” - Rev. Bill Prankard, President, Bill Prankard Evangelistic Association

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